Noisy Dryer

A noisy dryer can definitely be annoying, but more importantly, it could be indicative of a bigger problem with the dryer. It can then be annoying having to deal with the repairs or schedule dryer repair, but it is definitely worse to not be able to use your dryer.

The following is a progression of the things that you are able to check in order to figure out where the noise is coming from and what you can do on your own to repair the problem. These parts are listed in steps as each can be checked before moving on to the next one. Don’t get discouraged if a repair is too complicated and don’t hesitate to call us for appliance repair in Kent.


As the dryer is running, if the drum belt is worn or stretched out, there is going to be a loud banging noise that comes from it. If the belt completely snaps, the drum (and thus the dryer) is not going to tumble or work at all. Quite often, you will be able to tell by looking at the belt if it is worn or stretched out.

In order to get your eyes on the belt, you are going to need to take the front of the dryer apart. You will start with unplugging it and removing the lint screen. Then you will need to remove the screws that are located under the lint trap screen. Employ a putty knife to help you pry open the locking clip so that you can then remove the top of the dryer. Then use that putty knife to remove the clip that holds in the lower panel and take the panel off. Then you will be able to find the drum belt. The owner’s manual will be able to give exact details on this process.


These supports are what keep the drum spinning smoothly and evenly during the drying process. When these rollers become worn out, the dryer tub is going to spin roughly and wobbly and this will create a loud noise inside the dryer.

You can check this after checking the belt. You will have the dryer opened up because you have already checked the belt. You are then going to remove the drum from the dryer itself. Once the drum is out, the drum rollers are going to be exposed. If just one of these rollers is worn out, you should replace all of them. You will take off the nut that holds the roller and then take the roller out. You will then slide on the new roller, add a drop of oil to the hub for lubrication as the rollers spin.


The drive motor keeps the belt attached so that the drum can spin, and it also prevents overheating in the dryer and it will not let the heat turn on if the motor is malfunctioning. There are bearings in the motor that, when worn out, will cause the motor to make noise. When you removed the drum to check the supports, it also exposed the drive motor. If the motor looks worn out, it will likely need to be replaced. This is a job that will require a professional because of the complexity and an untrained eye may not be able to tell if it is worn.

Once all of these things have been checked, you figured out what the problem was, and fixed it, you can put the dryer back together. You will just have to reverse the process that you did earlier. You will start with replacing the drum, then the panels, the lint trap, and so on. These are things that you can do yourself but don’t ever hesitate to call in a professional if you don’t think that you are able to handle it yourself.